SOVEREIGN TECHNOLOGIES solution you can become a business mobile messaging provider to your customers through a fully site to send bulk SMS messages online, with no mention of Sovereign Technologies anywhere.

You will therefore be able to set your own price and thereby create your own additional revenue stream for your company. We provide you with your own account creation tool, master account, and reports so you have total control over what is going on.

SMS services and the how it can benefit you


Bulk SMS Services for Schools and Universities as an educational institution administrator do you struggle with the need to reach out to parents and students with the right information at the right time? Are you still sending printed memos and mass emails.
SMS platform, you can send important information such as exam schedules, meeting invites, emergency alerts, attendance notifications and updates on classroom activities. You could even collect detailed feedback on school programs and initiatives. Go on! Build a happy, well-informed community of parents and teachers.

SMS Useful for the following information.

  1. For information related to the admission
  2. For information related to fees
  3. For exam related information
  4. Related to information
  5. For immediate information
  6. For meeting information
  7. etc.


Event Management

Health Care


Banking & Financial Services



Pricing Structure

Price Per Package                            SMS Message Package

Rs. 2000.00                                                          10,000

Rs. 8000.00                                                         50,000

Rs. 15,000.00                                                     1,00,000


SMS Gateway Services :

1. Web Interface

2. API Sending

3. Bulk SMS

4. Detailed Reporting

Note:- Registration for SMS is completely free

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