Webinars in Higher Education. How to Cater for Students’ Needs and Enjoy Great Benefits.

A typical university campus. Young people everywhere, staring at their smartphones. Scrolling, tapping, swiping. Are they having fun.

Why getting a video conferencing room onboard is a milestone for your content marketing strategy? Because your digital business, your product or service, has a good story to tell, and valuable knowledge to share. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you our New Webinar Room in full swing.

Table of Contents

Web real-time communications technology –

Audio quality.
Video quality.
Where user-friendly design meets new features.
The power of knowledge sharing
Online meetings and team collaboration
Online courses and training.

When it comes to features, we wanted to gear up your new webinar room with handy tools:

Recorder layouts – if you haven’t recorded your live events, it’s a perfect time to start.
You can send the recording to your prospects and leads and let them watch the event on-demand.
you will reuse the recording for building your Automated webinar! With Recorder layouts feature, you can easily choose a template and decide how your recorded event will look like.

Streaming on Facebook or YouTube – expanding your reach plays a huge role, and social media channels are made for that. With this tool, you can stream live your webinar either on Facebook, or on YouTube, and grow your business audience like on steroids.